Right now, the moment that is upon you as you read this is the only moment that matters. The past does not exist, and the future is not yet written. The good life is to be lived now. This moment is the only moment that is real.

And this moment matters because God is present with you in this moment. He is as present now as he has always been and as he always will be. Literally anything could happen, because with God all things are possible. If you are his, if you have surrendered your life to take on the life of his son Jesus, the living Christ, then he is closer to you now than he was to the disciples that could reach out and touch him. Don’t believe me? To them he was external, an object to be touched, a person to misunderstand. For you, now, he dwells within, closer than the embrace of a faithful friend.

Don’t succumb to the lamentation of things that you’ve done or that have been done to you in the past. Neither revel in deeds you once did. God is greater than the past and he is here now. The past no longer exists and its deeds, good or ill, are already fading like mist.

Neither succumb to the worry of things that might or shall come. There is a time to confront those moments, but that moment is not now. God is greater than the future, and he dwells there now. We do not. Don’t dwell in a future that you don’t know. Don’t set your hope on the near horizon of events that you may or may not accomplish. Don’t fear the things that may or may not happen. Even if you are certain of things that shall come to pass, be certain of the knowledge that God dwells in that moment and in all the moments beyond. Remember that there is hope for the future–hope beyond the horizon that we can see; it is a hope beyond our hopes set surely by the One who dwells there. We may do this or that before we are called home, but these accomplishments and these fears, even if they come to pass, will also fade like mist.

Set your minds on the now. Dwell here in this moment with God, for it is a sacred moment. His presence makes it so.